Thursday, October 27, 2005


I signed up for the Akapana modeling group because no one else would do it, and I'm starting to realize what a horrible idea it was. I despise modeling buildings. Apparently I have a partner for this project, but do not think I have ever met him. I must have been talking to Sarah about human reconstructions when he was assigned to the project.

In other news, I entirely loathe Sketchup, and spend way too much time trying to perform the simplest tasks on it. To make the task of reconstructing the pyramid more difficult, there is very little data on the Akapana. There is a corner here and a block there, but this huge temple has been looted and deconstructed to the point where it is almost entirely unrecognizable. People have thought it was a natural hill. The thing is no longer even symmetrical, and accounts of the Akapana's original size, appearance and purpose vary wildly.


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