Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Peopling the past 2

I talked to Janet Monge about forensic facial modeling software, and she does not have it. She said she would try to obtain it for me, but was not sure that she would be able to. I also tried hanging around the digital media design labs to see what I could figure out about human body modeling and figure editing. I think it can be summed up in two words: ridiculously complicated. I need to learn how to program and understand this.

Overall, this project seems over our head for one semester with no prior experience with this type of media. I've been playing with Sketchup, and I can not even get that to work most of the time. I am more interested in the physical anthropology side of the class/project than the reconstruction and modeling of buildings, but I feel like the human modeling project keeps meeting with dead ends and not a lot of support from our professors. I am not even sure what they want us to do. Professor Badler keeps talking about pasting 2-dimensional human images onto polygons in Sketchup. I think I am being encouraged to sign up for other groups because this one is not going to go anywhere. Is this it?


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