Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More on Akapana

Modeling (this entry could also be entitled Suicide by Sketchup).

* Couldn't use AutoCAD or MAYA because I don't know how, would have taken to long to learn. Couldn't find the software.
* The Akapana not perfectly aligned anymore, but probably used to be. Attempted symmetry experiments failed.
* The Akapana didn't give us much data to work with, post-looting and hundreds of years of people messing with the site (potatoes grown on top, erosion, looting, railroad carting all the stones away, etc).
* Astronomy involved in alignment?

Problems with Sketchup:

* Kept switching squares on sides
* Wouldn't let make staircases, they kept popping for some reason. "Snap-to" feature strikes again (mentioned by other students).
* Curved surfaces were an issue. Water, statues, etc. The Akapana was not flat.
* The pool was a problem because it was irregularly shaped. Water looks abnormal. Not sure if that's a limitation of my Sketchup skills (or lack thereof).
* I attempted to do alignments with the annoyances of Sketchup playing with the squares. I had to eventually crop them because they wouldn't stay on the topographical map or stay flat.
* The map would also crash the program periodically.
* I used little squares as averages between the layers.


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