Thursday, October 27, 2005

The beginning

As an economics and engineering college student, I’m not really the first person you should turn to for expert knowledge about a controversial and largely unexcavated archeological site. I shouldn’t even be the second or third person. However, I suppose that’s partly what this experimental new course is aimed at proving wrong, and why it’s so interesting—can a bunch of college kids with little or no prior knowledge of archeology or 3D modeling produce an exhibit for a museum at the newly-named UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tiwanaku, Bolivia? If I was into answering rhetorical questions, I’d probably say no, but I’ll let optimism rule for now and see what happens later. Our class has split up what we believe to be the significant structures of the site, and I’ll be working with a fellow student, Mollie, on the Akapana section of Tiwanaku. All I know about the Akapana at this point is that it’s either a temple, a pyramid, or a mound of dirt, I really couldn’t tell from the brief Powerpoint introduction we were given of the site earlier in the course. This should be interesting.


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